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Many pictures of wedding hairstyles including brides, grooms, and bridesmaids. We also have other helpful wedding tips and hairstyles how to information.

We have a collection of photos of a bride and groom at Pike Place Market during their photo shoot as they walk through a city street in the dead of winter.

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This is quite the unique scene here in 1950 showing what looks to be a double wedding or possibly a renewal of wedding vows.


We have two couples standing at the center dressed in long gowns that are not white and holding big bouquets of flowers. The women are next to each other and the men are at their sides and they are surrounded by a large party of ladies also holding flowers. This is staged like a wedding photo with two rows of folks and some are standing in the rear while those in the front are sitting. Their ages vary from about 20's to 50's. The gals are sporting typical hairdos of this decade with most being short and curled. Early in the 50's the styles were still usually following the trends from the 1940's which showcased Victory Rolls and cascading curls.

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One important little detail for a vintage wedding photo is to pay attention to the pose and these two show us how.

Vintage Wedding Couple

The bride sits in a chair with her gown draped out like a hoop skirt. Her dress is strapless which is not exactly true vintage but the appliqued lace is. She has elbow length long gloves with the fingers cut out. Her updo bun hairstyle is classic with a tiara and veil attached to the back. She has side swept bangs and her style is straight is smooth.

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If you are looking for a romantic hairstyle for an outdoor casual wedding then this one may be the one for you.

Braided Bride

This is one of the more uniquely braided styles that I've seen. There are rows of braids on the crown and they are loose and informal. They come down and are intertwined into a fishtail that cascades over one shoulder. White flowers are placed throughout to add special detail. She has medium brown hair with some honey highlights that show up especially in the bangs that sweep to the side. She is wearing a simple white cotton tank dress. Imagining a lake or an ocean in the background of this wedding would make the perfect picture.

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This bridal hairstyle is beautiful and feminine. It shows off the length and has a romantic soft appeal.

bridal partial updo

The bangs are rolled up and back and secured into place. The sides are brought up as well. The back is long and curled into big loose ringlets that are somewhat messy. The bride is wearing a strapless white gown and a double strand of pearls choker. Her make up is very subtle and her lip color is an orange shade.

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