1950s hairstyles

If you are looking for 50's hairstyle pictures and information, this is the place. We have actual photographs from this decade along with information.

This picture is a nice example of a snapshot taken of a mother and teenage daughter in the mid 1950's.

Mom and Daughter

The girl is sitting on a stool in the kitchen of their home while her mother is standing next to her with her arm around her neck. The kitchen counter looks a little art deco-ish with square lines and simple detail.

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Boy George is sporting his version of the pompadour hairstyle at the BRIT Awards 2014 in the 02 Arena in London.

Boy George

The sides are combed and slicked back with his grey temples showing. The top is swirled up in a roll with height and flair that can be accomplished with the use of strong hold hair products and back combing of the underneath roots. His hair color has a two tone appeal with light and dark tones. He is sporting a goatee and a serious expression. His eye make-up consists of dark eye liner that has a 1960's edge. You can see his peace sign tattoo on one temple and what looks like a red lipstick kiss on the other.

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This is a perfect vintage photo of the bride and groom in the back seat of their get away car.

1950's Wedding Couple

The bride has very typical 50's style hair with super short bangs. She has a pixie cut that is slightly wavy with the sides being ear length and the back being a bit longer to the collar. She is wearing it down with an ornate crown sitting on top of her head. The veil is attached to the back of it. Her dress has a scalloped collar in white lace and she has a simple pearl necklace. The young and handsome groom has his arm around his love and a mischievous grin on his face. He has tame version of a pompadour with the top being slicked up with some height. The sides are cut short for a clean cut appearance. These two look very young and are probably still in their teens. You can see a vintage car out of the back window. These two are off to the honeymoon.

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Adam is sporting a slicked up pompadour at "Britney: Pieces of Me" Grand Opening at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.

Adam Lambert

The sides are shaved close while the top is left longer and pushed up for height which is vintage 1950's hair fashion for men. Elvis Presley made it popular. Pomade helps to set the strands up in place and keep them there. He adds a bit of interest with an asymmetrical look as he has some tufts slicking up on one side. The bang area has a silvery sheen in the lights. His facial hair is cut close and adds character.

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These two ladies are looking rather glam for their era wearing bathing suits and cat eye sunglasses while they stand at the river's edge fishing.

1950's Bathing Beauties

This was a common activity on a hot summer day in rural America and what better way to catch some rays than to wear the good old swimsuit. Back then ladies covered up quite a bit more than they do today and it was considered sexy. Their one piece suits come up quite high in the back and the legs are cut straight across which helped to keep things in place. The material looks rather thick almost like a girdle. Back then most women wore girdles with dresses even if they were thin. It was just the fashion. It was considered unsightly to have loose looking skin/tissue.

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