Pretty 1930's Bob Hairstyle

This is a lovely portrait of a woman in the 1930's with a typical bob hairstyle.

1930s bob

Her part is off center and she is bang-less. Her brunette hair has gentle finger waves with curls at the ends. The length hits at mid ear which makes this bob quite short. Her make-up is quite plain and she is probably not wearing any. Often the photographer would touch up the photos to smooth skin and refine details. She is wearing a blouse with flowers printed on it and two strands of pearls.

The 1930's was a time when short hair for women was in full swing and the strands were usually combed down and parted on top. In the 1920's gals were starting to go for a shorter 'do and a step toward that they often put their longer hair up to make it look short and / or they created height on top like in this following photo.

1920s Updo