80s hairstyles

80s hairstyle pictures and information can be found here. Also, check out the 1980s clothing, it is something to be seen.

Here's a style wave for ya if you want something a little edgy with a twist of 80's with currently trendy.

grunge rocker

Let's start with the hairdo which is pulled back into a single braid that sits at the top of the crown. It sits high on the head and dangles down the back like a ponytail. All strands are pulled straight back for a slicked back appearance. The braid itself is narrow rather than bushy. You can tell this model has relatively fine hair and the end of the braid is quite thin.

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This is a perfect look for the female looking for a fun and nerdy theme that showcases the retro colored telephone as a prop.

Redhead women with green telephone.

Back in the day it was cool to have a side part and pigtails just made it that much better. This model is wearing thick black framed glasses that give her the studious nerd persona. She does not have a ton of hair so this is just right for those with fine locks. The top portion is smooth and straight and the ponies are loosely curled. The phone is chartreuse and has the dial that gave the fingers a good workout.

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One might like to have an instant head of hair from time to time, and what better way to accomplish that than to pop on an eye catching wig.

Jillia Lynn

This hair piece is poodle-like with tiny ringlet curls which reminds us of the 80's when spiral perms were all the rage. Back then women flocked to the salon to have perm rods placed and then a smelly solution was added and sat on the hair for a period of time. This was a necessary evil to achieve the trendy look that many long haired women sought back in the day. Big and bold was considered beautiful and fun and trendy. In keeping with the look from that decade Jillisa is wearing blue eye shadow along with dark liner and lashes. Her eyebrows look painted on and are distinct. Her lipstick is pale pink. She is wearing a fluffy fur coat in animal print.

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Hey if you desire to get a look that is beyond edgy with a seashell theme, then you must take a gander at Lady Gaga and her get up as she was sighted leaving the Langham Hotel in Central London on August 28, 2013.

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The funky thing about this pigtail hairstyle is that each side is different for an asymmetrical look

Funky Pigtails


The fun and somewhat carefree times from the 80's show up here in this updo. Strands of hair shoot out in different directions and stick up and out as well. The pony holders are self made with sections of her black mane. One could imagine Cyndi Lauper with a look like this and the addition of colors.

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