60s hairstyles

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This vintage black and white photo shows a grandmother, mother, and daughter sitting on the couch with a Christmas tree in the background.

3 generations of women

The grandmother has a short 'do with big curls that were probably made with rollers placed on top and back combing created the height. She is wearing dark rimmed glasses typical of this era.

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This picture is so adorable and funny at the same time and shows a typical look for a young boy growing up in the 60's.

1960's Boy

He is complete with his Dennis the Menace haircut. The sides are cut short above the ears and the top is longer and combed forward into long choppy bangs that are completely disheveled. He looks like a little trouble maker with cowboy boots and his straight legged pants don't quite make enough room for those boots. One leg is pushed up for a charmingly childish look. Who has time to worry about how one looks when they are trolling for mischief? His jeans and sweatshirt are light colored and his dark belt isn't quite tucked into a loop.

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Holly has lovely flowing blonde hair that she entwined in a headband at the Moon Nightclub in Las Vegas on December 28.

Holly Madison Birthday Celebration at Moon Nightclub in Las Vegas on December 28, 2013

Her bangs are brushed up and back and secured behind the black headband. This have given her a touch more height up here. The sides are left out and are pushed away from the face for a Bewitched 1960's type hairdo. Her tresses flip out at the shoulder for a retro look. The back is actually long and has big curls on the ends.

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What a great beehive updo that has all the charm of the 1960's but with a modern twist.

BeeHive Updo

This hairstyle has plenty of height and has quite the wow factor. This model has dark brown locks and an off center part with bangs that are pulled over to the side up and over the forehead. The are super straight and stiff with hair product. The dangle down the side for an asymmetrical look. The strands on the crown are pulled back and over a form that give the high lift necessary for this style. Back combing also helps to give more oomph. Super cute 'do that is perfect for a party or anytime.

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If you are looking for a 1960's retro bun hairstyle, this one is a must see. Hair and make-up shout 60's fab!

Retro Bun

This is a very neat and chic look with hair that is pulled straight back and up to the back of the crown with no bangs. The bun is in ballerina fashion with a doughnut-like form. The model is wearing a white sleeveless dress with black polka dots and her nail polish is matching. Her eyes are cat-like with black dramatic liner and false lashes.

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