1920s hairstyles

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This hairstyle is one that incorporates finger waves into a twisty bun at the base of the neck.

Beautiful retro woman

This model has a very deliberate side part and the sides are finger combed downward toward the ears to almost look like a short bob but actually this is an updo. Strong hold hair products make for a wet look and defined bends in the strands produce a ripple effect. If you are after an edgy flapper style then this might be something of interest to you. It is a great way to make a faux bob if you have longer hair.

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This lovely and elegant hairstyle showcases the signature wave of the 1920's and 1930's with a longer medium length rather than the short bob.

Vintage Wavy Hairstyle

Her head is tilted back over one shoulder which gives this style an asymmetrical appearance with one side having the illusion of being shorter. She has a side part and side swept bangs that are the same length as the rest of her locks. Her finger waves are big and relaxed. Her color is warm medium brown. Her black strapless dress is garnished with feathers and the off the shoulder look is quite alluring. She has a double strand large pearl necklace. This is quite feminine and perfect for a theme party, ball, or formal occasion. It is not always necessary to wear an updo to these events.

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Here is a modern twist to a vintage classic that was worn back in the 1920's when the wavy bob first became popular.

Blonde Wavy Bob

Her bangs are very short and look angled as they are brushed up and curl under. The sides are formed into nice finger waves. The length is chin level for a sassy appeal. The color is a beige blonde.

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If you are looking for a vintage flapper look for Halloween or any other costume party, check out Nicole Trunfio at Let's Misbehave to Benefit Love Heals with her perfect version.

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This is a super chic and sassy looking bob with waves and short bangs to spice things up a bit.

1930s Marcel Wave

The finger waves are perfect for this 'do. There is a side part that does not go all the way back but rather the strands on the crown are lifted with a little back combing and directed toward the back. The bangs are fringy and very short and also brushed up and over.

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