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Here we have a man from the 1950's posing for a photograph with his arms crossed in front of two vintage cars!

He has curly hair that he wears fairly short and manicured but it's long enough to comb back from the forehead. The strands actually look wavy rather than curly. Pomade helped to tame away wildness and to keep things in place. The sides are short! He is wearing a simple white shirt with a collar and short sleeves. The jeans are straight legged but loose and relaxed and rolled up at the bottom. Loafers polish off the look of hip! It is interesting that the belt buckle is worn off to the side rather than in the middle.

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Melody has a cute crop style that is smooth in texture but is full of bends and waves. This cut is so attractive and would be perfect for any occasion.

Mellody Hobs

Lots of layers add dimension and movement. The bangs are super short and razor cut at an angle for an asymmetrical look. The top is tousled for a touch of whimsy but classy it is. Starting out with a relaxer treatment gives the foundation to be able to get a look similar to this by calming the kinky curls. The event is the 40th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards.

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This is a nice example of a couple posing for a picture on a 1940's Christmas card!

The woman has dark hair that is pulled back on the sides and left longer in the back. The bottom of her ears show. The top section has a twist that comes down over the forehead like a dip. It also has a few waves that add softness and interest. Her lipstick is dark and most likely red. Her white blouse has lace and details. Her husband has the typical clean cut look with a deep side part and a deliberate finger wave on top. Both of them have no stands near the face! Their picture looks a postage stamp on the front of the card that has holy and a ribbon that says: Seasons Greetings. A very nice All American look that was very typical in the 40's.

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What an awesome period photo this is, circa 1930's, showing a fashionably wavy bob!

The sepia monochrome image shows a woman leaning up against a fence at the zoo. She is wearing a short sleeve dark colored blouse and matching skirt. She has a side part and finger waves that create a soft and feminine appeal. The length is right at the ear and tapers there so there are no harsh lines. The bangs are directed to the side and dangle a bit over the eye.

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Octavia is wearing her locks in soft waves at the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival – "Fruitvale Station" Photocall.

Octavia Spencer

She has full bangs that are cut in a slight arch around her forehead and come down past her eyebrows. There is no part as the strands are brushed forward. The top of her style is smooth and straight while at about ear level it transitions to waves.

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