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Looking for teen hairstyle ideas? Come on in and check out our teen hairstyle pictures and how to information.

Dakota is sporting some sort of multi band headband that drapes on top of her head like a crown. There are three thin bands that hang down toward her forehead while one arcs across the top.

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Here's a back/side view to help you style a twisted bun for a lovely updo like Aimee is wearing at Cambio and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution Celebrate the Premiere of "Aim High."

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This teen actress, singer, and model, has long straight hair that is cut into graduated layers that add interest to the front of this youthful hairstyle.

Bella Thorne

She has deep set bangs that are combed straight forward and hit the eyelashes. They are slightly arched around the forehead. Her color is an auburn red with a few highlights. This style is good for a narrow and/or long face as the horizontal line of the fringe brings the eye out and takes attention away from narrowness. This shot comes from the 20th Annual Movieguide Faith and Family Values Awards Gala.

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Cody is an Australian pop singer and is 15 years old. He is sporting a head full of hair that is dirty blonde in color here at  "Mirror Mirror" Los Angeles Premiere.

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Taylor has chosen a smooth and straight look for this darling updo that is understated and elegant here at the "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax" Los Angeles Premiere.

Taylor Swift

She has deep set bangs that brush across her beautiful blue eyes. The length is pulled back and tucked up into a roll and secured. Below is another view that shows her other side and a glimpse of the back.

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