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We've got a glimpse here of Louis Tomlinson at Radio City Live at the Liverpool Echo Arena on July 22, 2012! He's got the microphone in hand as he belts out a song.

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This Canadian singer has got the spiked hair and retro sunglasses down at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards.

Justin Bieber

His light brown locks are moussed up on the top to form tall spikes in the front. The sides are shorter and combed down. The sideburns are not heavy or long but are distinct. His shades have an 80's flair with a thicker frame that does not complete a circle around the eye. His eyebrows are visible on top which proves to be a proper fit per what the experts have to say.

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This lovely teen girl is sporting a long side swept bang hairstyle that has graduated layers that frame the face a add to a look of movement.

Teenage Student Portrait

When the locks are cut in a way that works well with one's natural resources, they appear as though they can easily move with ease and naturally. This is a long style with more fullness around the crown. Her hair color is a beautiful bright berry brown that looks lovely with her very fair complexion. She has a deep side part and a very smooth and straight texture. Styling tips: a large round brush and a flat iron would be the tools of choice. She's got her backpack on and ready to tackle the first day of school.

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Justin is getting his grove on with the microphone in Concert on NBC's "Today Show" at Rockefeller Center in New York City on June 15, 2012.

Justin Bieber in Concert

This Canadian singer has spiked up his bangs here for a different and new look for him. The top of this one has height with wavy and soft looking tufts that are kept in place with hairspray. The sides are shaved close and combed downward. The sideburns are short and but prominent. His eyebrows are darker than his hair color which is medium brown with lighter highlights.

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This is a darling updo that showcases defined pin curls that are randomly placed all around the back portion.

Pin Curled Updo

Sections are twisted up every which way and held into place with tiny hair clips. This is perfect for a woman looking for something a little messy but not too much so. Anyone looking for a fun way to wear their up might find this one intriguing. It would be attractive for most body types. This model has medium brown locks with some honey highlights mixed in here and there.

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