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Lisa Rinna is well known for her shag hairstyles and they may vary from big and poofy to a more understated and updated version like this one.

Lisa Rinna

It's short and choppy with tons of layers to give the lift necessary for the shag. The bangs are textured and piecey for an imperfect look. The sides hit just below the ears while the back is longer down to the collar. She has a medium brunette shade with warmer tones mixed in. Her skin is olive and tan and her eyes are dark brown.

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Helen Mirren is sporting a bob that is shorter on one side to create an asymmetrical appearance here at the 66th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards.

Helen Mirren

This attractive 68 year old actress shows us that we can still look fabulous with a perfect haircut for a woman in her 60's and also have something edgy. Her blonde color works well with mature grey in a way that works well together. The grey shade is more of a white so some softer tones are placed near her face in her bangs. One side can either be tucked behind the ear or actually cut just above the ear for the effect. The other side comes down to chin level. There is no specific part but rather there is one point where all strands are styled from. There is a touch of lift at the top for this straight style. The ends taper with some layers to prevent bushiness.

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Here's great example of a style that works when you have fine and thin hair.

Sarah Paulson

She has a side part and no bangs as they are the same length as the rest of this hairstyle which is chin length. She has one side tucked behind her ears. The color is blonde and the roots are showing darker. This photo was taken at the 66th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards.

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This seven year old grade school girl from the 1950's has a charming pixie cut with Bettie Page bangs.

1950s Girl

This young gal has naturally wavy and thick hair. The length is short and hits just below the ears. Her bangs are so neatly and perfectly cut into an arch, that one would realize that she obviously went to visit the hairdresser to get them shaped. After all, this was a time when many moms did the trimming at home. The sides are curled under but kind of have a mind of their own. She is wearing an eyelet dress that has puff sleeves.

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Frances Fisher is sporting a lovely straight bob that looks fantastic on a mature woman in her 60's.

Frances Fisher

The bangs are textured and choppy. She has no part and deep set bangs. The sides are layered and the length is just up off of the shoulders. The fullness is concentrated on the sides and in the middle. The ends taper into the neck. The color is auburn with shades of brunette, blonde, and red.

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