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Paloma Faith is sporting long wavy red hair with a splash of bleach blonde that swoops up like a wave above her forehead.

She is wearing a butterscotch colored suede hat that sits high on her head and has a wide brim. She has dark eyes and eyebrows and bright red lipstick for a bit of drama. She proves that hairstyles don't need to be ordinary and are best used a means to show off one's personality. The more colorful and shapely the better. The bang area is brushed up and held into place with gel and strong hold hairspray.

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The side swept hairstyle is still hot and one to choose for any special event or for everyday and check out Eva Universe with a single long big braid.

Big Braid

The top half of this 'do is disheveled and very imperfect which adds to the charm. A side part and variation in shades of blonde decorate the crown section. If one did not have the length to support such a style, a braided hairpiece might an option. It would be easy to just pin it on and go.

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This style looks somewhat like a partial updo with one side being swept up and pinned up in the back with the other side hangs down in a wavy bob.

Wendi Murdoch

If you looking for something a bit different for that party or special occasion, this one could fit the bill. It's edgy and different yet pretty and feminine. The long bangs are pulled over to the side and clipped into place with a decorative accessory. The waves are scrunched into place with fingers while drying with a diffuser. Here is a shot showing the pulled up side.

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Cyndi is sporting a red top hat and matching bra with a black lace dress and rainbow colored sash.

Cyndi Lauper

Her bleach blonde bob has a few pale pink highlights that show up on the underneath layers. Dark red lipstick and pastel eye make-up finish up her look at the Gay Pride March 2012 on Fifth Avenue in New York City on June 24, 2012

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Here are some ideas for fun and festive costumes for festivals or parties or anytime adults want to play dress up or just be individual.

Funky Cat Costume

The above woman has blonde dreadlocks and colorful braided hair pieces. Her own locks show a choppy looking bang and some fringes at the sides of the face that have a tint of pink on the ends. The accessories that attach to her head are long and consist of colors such as black and fuchsia. On top of her head sits a headband that has cat ears and pink and black feathers. False eyelashes make a feminine statement and bright pink lipstick matches the scheme. Henna tattoos decorate her face and neck.

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