medium length hairstyles

Looking for great hairstyles for medium length hair? Come on in and check out our pictures and hairstyles how to information.

Looking for some hairstyle ideas for college? Come on in and see what's trending.

The style on the right is medium length and layered with bangs that are cut asymmetrically. Highlights give some pizazz to an otherwise unremarkable hair color.

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The inverted bob is still something to consider for back to school fall 2012. This gal has got her style together with a button up shirt and neck tie.

Inverted Bob with Bangs

She has full bangs that are cut straight across and long covering her eyebrows. They arch slightly at the outer corners. No part and straight makes for some easy styling with a vent brush and blow dryer using the heat directed downward as the strands are lifted from the crown.

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Check out this bob haircut that is made for fine hair. It has full bangs that are cut into an arch shape that has graduated layers along the outside of her face that help to frame it.

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There is something very romantic about a WWII couple and this vintage photo shows a US Army Air Force crewman with his sweetheart while home on leave.

1940's WWII couple

This is my aunt and uncle so I know the story. This man was a tail gunner on a B17 bomber during WWII. He came home on one leave during his deployment and this photo was taken at that time. He is wearing his military uniform and has his arm around his young wife who is wearing her hair in a classic pin up style. Her hair is dark, full of curls, and shoulder length. The top has height while the sides are bobby pinned close to the scalp to give the appearance of a partial updo. It was common for women of this era to wear a simple white blouse and a patterned print skirt that has a wide waist band and pleats. The length is to the knee. Her shoes lace up and bobby socks were fashionable.

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Amy Childs has her own unique shade of red hair color AND she has opted for a bouffant bob instead of her long mane.

Amy Childs

The top has lift that is accomplished with back combing and the top layer is smoothed over. The long bangs are side swept and the ends are finger scrunched with product to achieve defined random loose curls. She has sultry eyes for an overall sexy appeal.

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