layered hairstyles

Popular layered hairstyles can be found here in many different lengths. We have photos to help you choose your style with helpful tips.

This one has a deep side part and is medium to long in length with plenty of layers and texture.

Layered Hairstyle

Layering helps to cut down on the bushy appearance of thick and coarse hair and also makes it possible to have a "style." The strands look a bit wispy in the front bang area but there are no bangs here as they are swept to the side. One side is longer than the other for an asymmetrical look. The color is a berry brunette or brown.

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This hairstyle is smooth and straight with layers that are graduated around the face. The bangs are minimal and brushed to the side.

Ming-Na Layered Hairstyle

Her dark brown color is highlighted with medium brown and those pieces are concentrated around the front. This style works for a square face. A few longer strands of hair come down around her necklace which is chain and stones that dangle.

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Sally Field shows us that at age 65 we can still wear a youthful hairstyle and look young.

Sally Field

The length is about 3 inches past shoulder length. Layers add the look of movement and help the strands to fall into place. The bangs are a bit feathered and split on the forehead into two sides with an off center part. The bottom edge is slightly curled giving it a soft and feminine appeal. Also the fullness is centered around the ends. She keeps her brunette hair color rather than going grey and is the shade that we remember her with from days gone by.

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Bella has nicely layered bangs that create an arc shape around her face as we see here at "Fun Size" Los Angeles Premiere.

Bella Thorne

Her red hair with blonde highlights makes for a deep level of color that looks beautiful with her fair skin. The bangs have a fringy appearance that brush over the eyes in the middle and are longer toward the outside of each eye and reach down to chin level. Her style is relatively straight and there is no pronounced part.

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Jorgie has very fair skin and bleach blonde hair that is long and straight. She has bangs that are slightly split at the center.

A wig would be a good choice to get this look in a hurry  This one is cut in graduated lengths! She has dark eyebrows and berry lipstick

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