layered hairstyles

Popular layered hairstyles can be found here in many different lengths. We have photos to help you choose your style with helpful tips.

Cate has fine straight hair that is cut in layers to create a short and sassy crop hairstyle here at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Cate Blanchett

Her golden blonde color shines in the light and the roots are showing a bit darker. The bangs sweep to the side from a side part an brush over one eye. The layers allow for a bit of a feathered look on the sides as the strands are brushed toward the back. This also creates an impression of movement and softness. The length is just at the bottom of the ears.

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Authentic photograph from 1979 of a young lady with a typical feathered hairstyle from that time period.

1979 Hair

Hair is shoulder length. Bangs are relatively short and textured with layers that allow the "feathered" effect. They are rolled under with a curling iron and then brushed to the side. The sides are curled toward the back and gently directed toward the back with a brush. Only light hold hairspray was used if at all as this was before the days of the 80's when shellac-like spray was used to create a monument that didn't move. These styles were made to give the look of movement. The strands were cut in a way that they could basically fall into place.

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If you are looking for an orange hairstyle with long bangs that are shaped around the eyes with graduated layers that frame the face, then take a look here.

Carly Rae Jepsen

The shade of her locks is carrot orange! It's bright and spicy like cayenne pepper. If you want to look like a hot tamale, color your hair for sizzle. Think outside the box for the perfect shade. This one has variations with lighter and darker strands which helps give depth. There is no part for a tousled look. The length is down past the shoulders and the sides are not straight but they are not curly either. They have an air dried appeal or after swimming edge.

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Well, you never know. Most celebrities have them. Instant thickness and length, so why not?

Heidi Klum

She has a 70's style 'do with a middle part and long locks. Graduated layers add dimension and gives the look of movement. There are different type of extensions but here is a YouTube on the clip in type.

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Jennifer is sporting a long-ish hairstyle with graduated lengths CTIA 2013 The Mobile Marketplace Conference and Exposition.

Jennifer Lopez

Hair is parted in the middle with both sides making a swoosh toward the back with soft waves that start at ear level. Her color is dark brown with several shades of highlights that go from darker to lighter and include honey. The ends curl under. She is wearing a form fitted white dress with long sleeves.

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