Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Here's a style wave for ya if you want something a little edgy with a twist of 80's with currently trendy.

grunge rocker

Let's start with the hairdo which is pulled back into a single braid that sits at the top of the crown. It sits high on the head and dangles down the back like a ponytail. All strands are pulled straight back for a slicked back appearance. The braid itself is narrow rather than bushy. You can tell this model has relatively fine hair and the end of the braid is quite thin.

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Kelly has medium brown hair with honey highlights near her face and a straight and sexy style here at the 10th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards.

Kelly Preston

She has an off center part and no bangs as they are chin length and brushed to each side. A section toward the back is pulled back to the rear and secured to give the look of lift at the crown. Back combing of the underneath layers here helps with fullness and height. Her locks are smooth and straight down to the ends where they are lightly curled.

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This one is adorable and perfectly styled into a sweet looking 1960's style pixie haircut.


Her blonde locks are nicely highlighted and the lowlights add depth. She has fine straight hair that works so well with this style. The bangs are brushed over to the side and kept up off the forehead. The sides are cut above the ears for a boyish appeal. Layers help with keeping things smooth and in place. Her blue eyeshadow and drawn on lower lashes make her eyes pop.

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If you have straight and fine hair and need a quick hairstyle that works with an unwashed mane, then check out Donna at Winter Wonderland 2012 Opening Night Launch Party.

Donna Air

The part is not deliberate and it takes on a life of its own an appealing imperfection. The sides are brought around to the back and secured with bobby pins or a clip. The length in the back is left to fall as it may. The color is a honey blonde with slight highlights. Her fuchsia colored animal print scarf is big and fluffy takes up a lot of space around the neck.

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This one is a straight no style hairstyle retro 70's style and long and pretty.

Back in the day the off center part was the hot look. Just smooth and stick straight with no bangs and long: the everyday style for teenagers and young women. This lovely ethnic mixed race lady has fine hair but a good amount of it that works well with 'do. Her lovely warm brown shade is complimentary to her olive skin tone. Using a hairdryer and paddle brush while directing the air in a downward motion helps to get this look.

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