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Hair accessories are BIG this season so come and take a look at our many pictures of hairstyles using hair accessories such as headbands and more. We also provide helpful information to go along with the photos.

Looking back at the 1970's, we can remember the days of hippies and flower children. Thin headbands were a popular hair accessory.

Hippie Girl with Headband

This woman has long straight medium brown hair that is parted off center and she is bang-less. This is typical of this decade when a no style was preferred. It was suppose to signify a minimalist attitude and no fluff or frills. The thin headband or forehead band kept the strands from falling into the face and also was a celebration of a Native American fashion trend that was common in the previous century. This headband is a macrame pattern with seed beads and a stretchy material makes it easy to fit over the head. What a fun look for summer or possibly for one who wants a costume from the decade of the 70's. I found a fun example here to check out.

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Holly has lovely flowing blonde hair that she entwined in a headband at the Moon Nightclub in Las Vegas on December 28.

Holly Madison Birthday Celebration at Moon Nightclub in Las Vegas on December 28, 2013

Her bangs are brushed up and back and secured behind the black headband. This have given her a touch more height up here. The sides are left out and are pushed away from the face for a Bewitched 1960's type hairdo. Her tresses flip out at the shoulder for a retro look. The back is actually long and has big curls on the ends.

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A very popular trend during the 1970's involved the addition of a headband as a focal point and here are some great examples for you to check out.

This first one shows a young lady with smooth strands and a tiny bit of height at the top of the crown. She has long bangs that are swept to the side and left loose out of the band. Hers is white and wide. The ends of her tresses have a slight bend at the bottom.

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Most women of the 1940's preferred curls to straight locks, but if you are looking for a straight and long hairstyle that has the charm of this era, then check out this style.

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Looking for a short white, as in bleach blonde, hairstyle that has some vintage flair with curls and a black headband?

Amelia Lily

This one is cut at ear level and quite sassy and fun. The bangs are pulled back and held in place under the thin headband that has a bow placed off center. She is wearing long dangle earrings that have crosses. Her eyeliner is black and dramatic which goes along with the theme here that includes a leather looking sleeveless dress at the Lulu Guinness Paint Project Launch Party.

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