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Pictures of curly hairstyles with helpful information about how to achieve the look.

Thalia is shown here at the 6th Annual Macy's National Believe Day Campaign Benefiting Make-A-Wish wearing a Santa hat with a young lady who has a letter to Santa Claus.

6th Annual Macy's National Believe Day! Campaign Benefiting Make-A-Wish

This is a special day where children with life threatening conditions will be granted wishes by their local Macy's stores. The event took place on December the 6th.

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One might like to have an instant head of hair from time to time, and what better way to accomplish that than to pop on an eye catching wig.

Jillia Lynn

This hair piece is poodle-like with tiny ringlet curls which reminds us of the 80's when spiral perms were all the rage. Back then women flocked to the salon to have perm rods placed and then a smelly solution was added and sat on the hair for a period of time. This was a necessary evil to achieve the trendy look that many long haired women sought back in the day. Big and bold was considered beautiful and fun and trendy. In keeping with the look from that decade Jillisa is wearing blue eye shadow along with dark liner and lashes. Her eyebrows look painted on and are distinct. Her lipstick is pale pink. She is wearing a fluffy fur coat in animal print.

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This has all the vintage charm of yesteryear with defined ringlets that dangle down to the shoulders for a feminine look.

Blonde Ringlets

The bangs are combed up and back off of the forehead. The curls are held in place with heavy amounts of product and strong hold hairspray. The are stiff but look bouncy. The color is dishwater blonde with lighter highlights. This is a perfect pin-up look.

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Wow!!! All sorts of style here at Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh in Concert at the Baldwin Hills Mall in Los Angeles – July 11, 2013.

Gramma Funk

Gotta love these tiny spiral curls in the masses. A style to be envied by many. You are never too old or young for a 'do like this one. The bob length of this is perfect to show off the bangle earrings in big thick silver hoop style. The aviator sunglasses are a must have. The silver wire on top matches the ear jewelry. And more wrist jewels…oh what fun. Her baby doll style cotton dress is printed with flowers and sayings of love.

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Looking for a short white, as in bleach blonde, hairstyle that has some vintage flair with curls and a black headband?

Amelia Lily

This one is cut at ear level and quite sassy and fun. The bangs are pulled back and held in place under the thin headband that has a bow placed off center. She is wearing long dangle earrings that have crosses. Her eyeliner is black and dramatic which goes along with the theme here that includes a leather looking sleeveless dress at the Lulu Guinness Paint Project Launch Party.

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