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This super cute crop cut is Ginnifer Goodwin's latest hairstyle at PaleyFest 2012 Presents "Once Upon A Time."

Ginnifer Goodwin

There is no part and the and the layers are just tousled about in a boy style. The sides are cut above the ears and there is a touch of fringe just in front of the ears. The bangs are textured rather than cut straight across and are short enough that they barely touch the eyebrow. The back is cut close to the neck. This is a nice easy care look for everyday and it still looks hot for a special event.

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Casey Ruggieri is sporting a nice cropped hairstyle that is easy care and fun. Her hair color is dark brown.

Casey Ruggieri

The bangs are razor cut for extra texture and the no part bowl cut suggests boy style. The length is just below the ear which is visible as the strands split apart here. She has a dark complexion and is wearing dark red lipstick and a black sequin dress here at 6th Annual ITVFest Gala Awards Banquet.

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This one is short on the sides with some longer fringe on the back of the neck.

Rocker Girl

The sides are cut very straight across and they just brush the top of the ears. The angle is inverted with the front portion being longer. The very long bangs separate and are brushed to the sides. Her brown hair color is a contrast to her fair complexion. She is wearing layered tank tops and sporting a lip ring. This picture has a grunge background.

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This style has height at the top of the crown in a beehive fashion and a long ponytail that trails down over the front.

Retro Woman

Retro Woman

A side part separates the bangs that are long enough to be smoothed over to each side. A form is used to create the bouffant look on the crown along with back combing. The brunette length is slightly wavy. Her polka dot dress adds to the retro 1960's charm of this overall look which would be perfect for a theme party, wedding, or dance.

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If a little vintage is in order, take a look at this picture of a 1920's woman with a short bob with side swept bangs and curly ends.

Vintage Bob

The part is placed way over to one side and the top is swooped over. The curls are big a puffy but just concentrated on the bottom third and the rest is smooth and straight. The length is just below ear level and up off of the shoulder. Pin curls were most likely used to create the look on the sides.

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