Boys Hairstyles

What a wonderful photo of two brothers posing in front of a vintage car.

Vintage 1930s

The older teenage brother must be dressed for an outing wearing slacks with creases down the legs and a dark suit jacket that would be too small in today's world. He is wearing a white tie. The younger brother is leaning up against the wheel well of their ride very casually with his hands in his pockets. He has a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up above the elbow. His hair is greased back in period fashion with a side part. The bangs are long but kept out of the eyes with pomade, tonic or even vaseline. A small and modest house is in the background and there is not much to the landscaping. Life was quite simple back then.

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Some fun hairstyle trends for boys and girls began to surface in the 1950's!!!!

brothers and sister

This is a darling photo of two brothers posing for a portrait with their younger sister who is sitting in between them.

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How about a short and layered bob that tapers on one side to a point and has the edgy look of two distinct colors!

two tone bob

A deep side part separates the two sides and long side swept bangs have a sultry look. The top half is bleach blonde mostly absent of pigment. The bottom half is brown with some streaks of blonde sprinkled about. A tail with the bleached shade dangles at the neck.

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Here we have a totally happy young man of the pre-teen variety sporting a full bang haircut and holding a soccer ball.

He's got a bit of a cowlick so his bangs split apart in one area and the top of his head is messy and disheveled. The sides are short and cut above the ears with the back being a bit longer and almost down to the collar.

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Check out Charlie Callaghan's feathered red hair at the 56th Annual BFI London Film Festival – Closing Gala Film "Great Expectations."

Charlie Callaghan

Layers are cut into the hair to give the look of movement as the bangs swing across the forehead like a wave. The sides are cut at ear level and the back is short. This red haired blue eyed young man also appeared in The Awakening and Journey to the Moon.

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