bouffant hairstyles

This vintage black and white photo shows a grandmother, mother, and daughter sitting on the couch with a Christmas tree in the background.

3 generations of women

The grandmother has a short 'do with big curls that were probably made with rollers placed on top and back combing created the height. She is wearing dark rimmed glasses typical of this era.

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Here is a great profile view of a brunette woman with retro updo and shagadelic wide headband with a brightly colored scarf.

70s Updo

The bouffant-like effect can be created with back combing of the underneath layers. The imperfect appeal of the strands that are somewhat wild add to the fun aspect. Starting out with unwashed hair is the best way to achieve a look like this one and what better way to do things up in a hurry and still look awesome. The band is placed right at the forehead and tied at the nape of the neck with tails that trail. This model has fair skin and pale make-up. Her big silver hoop earrings are a nice accent.

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Oh my how fun is this hairstyle that is totally early 1970's with a bouffant and patterned headband?!

1970's Retro Headband Hairstyle

The length is full of curls created with hot rollers and look quite bouncy. The bangs are pulled straight back and tucked under the red and white accessory. This young woman has a widows peak and has dirty blonde hair. Her pastel eye make-up shouts retro. So if you are looking for a style that might be one typical of this decade, then check out this easy to duplicate look. A form can be purchased and used to create the height seen at the crown along with some good back combing.

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Amy Childs has her own unique shade of red hair color AND she has opted for a bouffant bob instead of her long mane.

Amy Childs

The top has lift that is accomplished with back combing and the top layer is smoothed over. The long bangs are side swept and the ends are finger scrunched with product to achieve defined random loose curls. She has sultry eyes for an overall sexy appeal.

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This is Eva Green's version of a bouffant updo. Her bangs are pulled straight back and worked into the bouffant which has some decent height on top.

Eva Green

The sides are pulled back and kept close to the scalp. She has medium/dark brown hair and a fair complexion. Her eyes are blue grey and match her high neck dress. This shot was taken at "Dark Shadows" Los Angeles Premiere. Eva plays Angelique Bouchard who placed a curse on Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) which turned him into a vampire in the 18th century. The original soap opera, which the movie is based on, aired from 1966 to 1971 so this retro 60's beehive hairstyle is perfect for the occasion.

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