Alicia Keys

The pompadour has been a popular hairstyle with many celebrities and was quite popular with men in the 1950's. It has made a come back and is getting attention from women as well. Here are some awesome examples with pictures for you to take a look at.

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Alicia is sporting a curly version of this rockabilly style at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

Alicia Keys

The sides are pulled up like an updo and the top is curly and full of height. Alicia's mother is half Italian and her father is African American to make for some beautiful olive skin coloring. She is well known for her musical talent.

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This hairstyle makes a statement with a big braid that circles the top of the head like a crown.

Alicia Keys

This one has a nice asymmetrical tone with the larger part of the braid being on one side and then on the other it tapers to the smaller end as it drapes across. This is a very pretty updo for any special occasion. The event here is the 2012 Billboard Music Awards!

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What a great way to wear a braid for a special event like Alicia here at the 2011 BET Awards.
Alicia Keys

The hair is pulled up and over to one side and braided into a somewhat disheveled looking style that still has a touch of glamor. Dangle earrings show up quite well on the opposite side that has the appeal of an updo. Her black and white color scheme is accented with a pop of red with her lipstick.

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photograph by PR Photos / Ken McCoy

Alicia Keys wore her locks in their full and naturally curly state to the BET Awards 2008 – Press Room in Los Angeles. Hair is pulled straight back on top in a smooth fashion and secured high on the back of the head and then the strands are left to do what they do best. This is a beautiful and feminine look perfect for many special occasions when you may be opting for something a little less conservative than most formal hairstyles.

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