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Alicia is sporting a curly version of this rockabilly style at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

Alicia Keys

The sides are pulled up like an updo and the top is curly and full of height. Alicia's mother is half Italian and her father is African American to make for some beautiful olive skin coloring. She is well known for her musical talent.

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You've got to love this vintage look complete with big Afro hair and hippie fashion.

70's Afro and Hippie Fashion

Big kinky curly locks make this look a black is beautiful fashion statement. The bulk of the height is around the head with the top being not so tall and the bottom is tapered into the neck. Her sunglasses are big and round and smoky colored with metal rims. Her white frilly top is cropped length with vintage ruffled three quarter length sleeves. She has a wide belt with hip hugger jeans. Her macrame purse is what makes this outfit perfect for the 70's. It's an off white color and has long fringes that hang down and swish back and forth when she walks.

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Gayle is sporting a straight bob at the Shape & Men's Fitness 2014 Super Bowl Party in New York City!

Gayle King

Well she has a full bang here and smooth tresses in this no non nonsense look. She has a long and narrow face so the horizontal line of her fringe helps to make the face appear wider. Her glasses are a nice narrow rectangular shape in black with a tint of green on the corners. She looks quite warm in her faux fur coat.

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Oh this is so cute. This little gal has two pigtails that are left in their naturally curly state.

Cute Pigtails

Her strands are parted in the middle and each side is slicked down close to the scalp and secured into a ponytail. Allowing them to frizz a little just adds to the charm and makes the style super fun.

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Wow!!! All sorts of style here at Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh in Concert at the Baldwin Hills Mall in Los Angeles – July 11, 2013.

Gramma Funk

Gotta love these tiny spiral curls in the masses. A style to be envied by many. You are never too old or young for a 'do like this one. The bob length of this is perfect to show off the bangle earrings in big thick silver hoop style. The aviator sunglasses are a must have. The silver wire on top matches the ear jewelry. And more wrist jewels…oh what fun. Her baby doll style cotton dress is printed with flowers and sayings of love.

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