80s hairstyles

80s hairstyle pictures and information can be found here. Also, check out the 1980s clothing, it is something to be seen.

The whole look here screams 80's with a purple bob wig that can be changed presto chango.

Purple Girl

This hairstyle is all one color and totally bright The shade is violet and certainly is eye catching. The style is full bangs with no part and the length is chin level. It is smooth and super straight. She is wearing a corset that laces up the front and sports a rainbow of colors. She has a bare mid drift and black lace.

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This one is certainly tall and makes a bold statement.

Punk Mohawk

A strip of hair right down the middle that is stiff as a board creates a punk style Mohawk that could have easily stepped out of the 1980's. The scalp is shaved close with a little bit of grow out. This man has an unshaven face for a bit of scruff.

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This style is sure to turn heads with a big hair appearance and side swept pizazz that is anything but boring.

Lianne La Havas

What's nice about this one is the way that it celebrates the fullness but also incorporates smoothness. Lianne La Havas has one side tucked behind the ear while the other sweeps across the forehead and brushes the outer corner of the opposite eye. The deep side part makes for an asymmetrical look that is quite unique. The part is undefined and not visible to the eye. A flat iron would be needed to smooth sections and can also be used to form curls as well. A professional relaxer treatment would help to tame the frizzies and make it easier to create a hairdo like this one.

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We've got a glimpse here of Louis Tomlinson at Radio City Live at the Liverpool Echo Arena on July 22, 2012! He's got the microphone in hand as he belts out a song.

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If you are looking for ways to make a big statement with big and ratted looking hair, then check out Cheryl at BRMB Live 2011 Concert at the LG Arena in BirminghamĀ  on November 26th.

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