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Here is an updo with loads of lift with back combing bouffant style with a modern twist and the wide headband with bright colors add a touch of fun.

Retro Headband

Retro Headband

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This style is full of 60's retro flair with a bouffantish edge. The bun is large and round and offset and sits high on the back of the head.

retro updo

retro updo

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Going back to the 1960's for inspiration with this haircut, Dustin sports long bangs that brush to the side here at Life Out Loud 4 Arrivals.

Dustin Lance Black

Dustin Lance Black

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Here is a great example of a family on vacation back in the day. It's a classic black and white photograph with big fir trees in the background and a glimpse of a mountain in the background. Photo most likely was taken in Mt Rainier National Park in the Great Pacific Northwest.

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If you are looking for a wow statement with a big volume bouffant, consider a wig.
bouffant wig

bouffant wig 60s Style

This woman found this really nice and realistic hair piece at a speciality shop in Las Vegas. She said that they really study your face and skin color there to fit you with something perfect.

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