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This one is adorable and perfectly styled into a sweet looking 1960's style pixie haircut.


Her blonde locks are nicely highlighted and the lowlights add depth. She has fine straight hair that works so well with this style. The bangs are brushed over to the side and kept up off the forehead. The sides are cut above the ears for a boyish appeal. Layers help with keeping things smooth and in place. Her blue eyeshadow and drawn on lower lashes make her eyes pop.

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If you are looking to go retro in a hurry you might consider a wig. It's fast and easy and temporary.

Bouffant Bob Wig

This one is super cute and sassy with a short length that hits just above the shoulder. All the height is seen at the back of the crown with a definite hump. The bottom of this bob is curled under and forward in true 60's fashion. The bangs are short. The color is black.

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This is a super cute and stylish look for a teen girl who has long hair and would like a bit of a retro 60's look.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Her bangs are blunt cut and cut straight across. They hit right below the eyebrows for a touch of mystery but definitely do not cover the eyes in any way. Her blue eyes look lovely with her brunette color and her make-up is a dark charcoal. She has a heart shaped face which shows this hairstyle works well with that and it would be great for a long and narrow shape as well. The horizontal line of the fringe brings the focus to the outer edge of the face. She has no distinct part and the length is slightly wavy but not too much. Some layering along the sides helps the strands to fall into place.

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This is a great updo to wear with a short and sassy party dress like Kelly Brook at Arqiva British Academy Television Awards 2012.

Kelly Brook

She has dark brown hair with lighter brown highlights. The strands are pulled straight back for a bang-less look and they are secured at the top of the crown. The bun is big, messy, and bouffant-ish for a retro 60's appeal but with an edgy twist. If one was missing the long hair needed to make this one work, then investing in a hair piece to plop on top and pin into place. Her party dress is full of black lace over pale pink fabric. It is strapless and fitted down just past the waist with a ruffle skirt that hits above the knees. She is carrying a trendy blue clutch!

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This is Eva Green's version of a bouffant updo. Her bangs are pulled straight back and worked into the bouffant which has some decent height on top.

Eva Green

The sides are pulled back and kept close to the scalp. She has medium/dark brown hair and a fair complexion. Her eyes are blue grey and match her high neck dress. This shot was taken at "Dark Shadows" Los Angeles Premiere. Eva plays Angelique Bouchard who placed a curse on Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) which turned him into a vampire in the 18th century. The original soap opera, which the movie is based on, aired from 1966 to 1971 so this retro 60's beehive hairstyle is perfect for the occasion.

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