1950s hairstyles

If you are looking for 50's hairstyle pictures and information, this is the place. We have actual photographs from this decade along with information.

This seven year old grade school girl from the 1950's has a charming pixie cut with Bettie Page bangs.

1950s Girl

This young gal has naturally wavy and thick hair. The length is short and hits just below the ears. Her bangs are so neatly and perfectly cut into an arch, that one would realize that she obviously went to visit the hairdresser to get them shaped. After all, this was a time when many moms did the trimming at home. The sides are curled under but kind of have a mind of their own. She is wearing an eyelet dress that has puff sleeves.

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What did typical men wear back then and what kind of haircuts did they have?

1950's Men

This is an actual photograph from the late 50's showing three generations of men sitting in the grass posing for the photo. Of course man's best friend has to accompany them for this shot, after all, he is part of the family. This is something that has not changed over the years: human's love of animals.

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Here we have a charming photo from the early 1950's of two young men probably brothers looking rather dashing in their period clothes.

Brothers of the 1950's

They both have wavy hair that is short on the sides. Being clean cut meant having no strands touching the ears or collar. The top of their styles is longer to allow for some styling with products that keep things in place. They both have side parts with full heads of thick hair.

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In the early 1950's the hairstyles still had influence from the previous decade of the 1940's. This handsome couple shows how men were masculine and women were feminine.

Handsome Vintage Couple

The husband has a strong square jawline and he is smiling with eyes rather than his mouth. His dark hair is slicked back on the sides in a neat manner. The top is longer and brushed back leaving some natural wave to the style. There is a somewhat side part but it is not defined and a few loops of hair are misplaced a bit for a not so perfect look. Most men used hair products or whatever could be found for styling purposes and may have included things such as Vaseline. Back then many folks were poor or at least not well off enough and had to make do with whatever was available. He is wearing a sharp looking dark double breasted suit with a white shirt and tie. It looks as though the fabric has some lighter flecks that resemble pin striping. This man's name was Bob and he was so in love with his wife Faye.

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How about a nice bleach blonde updo that is reminiscent of the 50's when many women opted for a short hairstyle with curls or in this case…….

1950's Curly Updo

an updo that gives the impression of a short hairstyle.

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