1920s hairstyles

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Gentlemen in the 1920's wore their hair longer on top and shorter on the sides. It was slicked back with greasy products to keep it off of the face and out of the way.

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This beautiful woman has finger (crimped) waves that look like organized rows on long brunette locks that cascade over one shoulder.

Finger Waves

She has a side part and is bang-less. She is sitting with her back toward the camera and has a blanket draped over one shoulder.

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What a great vintage look complete with hat and fringes of hair peeking out underneath.

Jocelyn Marsh

The cloche hat was originally made from felt and they conformed to the head for a snug fit. They were worn low on the forehead close to the eyes. Different types of these fashion accessories were popular depending on the season and the time of day or occasion.

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Here is a great example of flapper girl style circa 1920. She has the long waisted dress, long beaded necklaces, headband with feather, and black lace tights.

flapper girl

A short wavy bob was all the rage during this time period. A forehead band with a medallion in the front and a single feather sticking straight up is the perfect accompaniment for the costume. The cigarette holder is a must also.

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Here is a great example of a 1920's bob hairstyle. This young girl has short bangs cut straight across with sides cut short as well.

1920s Bob

She is wearing a short jumpsuit that is flapper style with rows of feather-like fringe and ballet slippers. She is probably going to be in performing in some sort of production of that time and this is a pre-event photo of her standing out in the yard.

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