Lisa Rinna Short Hairstyle

Lisa Rinna is known for her short shag hairstyle and she still looks amazingly hot with it as she poses for a shot with her husband Harry Hamlin.

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

Most of the fullness is around the crown with full bangs that are chunky and textured. Layers throughout this haircut provide the framework for this stylish 'do. The sides are shorter and the back is cut right above the collar. Turn head upside down while blow drying to remove the greatest amount of moisture. Then bring head up and using a round brush pick strands up at the scalp while drying and focus heat at the base. The sides are flipped up and out. Styling gel and hairspray are needed to hold the style. The event here is Simon G. Jewelry's 2012 Summer Soiree and Kickoff for Carnevale Nights.