Wavy Bridal Hairstyle Worn Down with Flowers

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is worn down and beautiful enough for a bride, then check out this one that is just past shoulder length.

Beautiful Brunette Bride

The part is short and on the side with the back portion being lifted up in a bouffant-like fashion but is not too much. A bit of back combing underneath helps to create this lift and then smoothing over of the top layer tames it. Loose spirals give the appearance of waves that are always romantic in nature and perfect for that special day. Most of the bulk is on the upper half while the sides are a touch thinner so as not to appear bushy. Layers cut into the hair help with that. A group of lovely white flowers are placed on one side above the ear. There is no veil with this look and perfect when it is not a first time marriage. Her shoulders are bare with a strapless dress. This one would be nice for a small or large framed woman.