1930's Style Bob

This is an authentic photograph of a young woman taken in the 1930's. She has a typical bob hairstyle from that era and is wearing a plain skirt and blouse.

1930's Woman

Her hair is cut short right at about ear level. The part is on the side and the bangs are pulled over to the side and held in place with a clip. The bottom is curled with rollers that would have been set with wet locks and normally this would have taken place in the evening so that in the morning they could be removed and styled. Her top is short sleeve and conservative with it being buttoned to the top. The collar is tidy and starched. The skirt is pleated and full at the bottom and hits way past the knees. This was most likely the late 30's. Anklets were her choice to go with her plain white shoes. Her watch is small and dainty.