Lisa Rinna Latest Hairstyle

Lisa Rinna has worn various versions of her signature shag for years but this latest version is big and sexy.

Lisa Rinna

The top is tousled, full, and cut in layers that help with the lift. There is no part and a full bang. The back is longer down to shoulder length and is cut in graduated lengths. The ends are flipped up and out for a full of volume appeal. The color is medium brown with honey highlights. To help with styling turn head upside down and blow dry to remove a good amount of moisture. Then use vent brush to lift at the roots while directing heat there. After strands are completely dry, use a medium barrel curling iron to touch up ends. Products such as gel help to hold the curl. Finishing with hairspray helps to keep things in place.

Here is a back view to see how this haircut really works and we can see a good shot of the backside of her long dress at 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Lisa Rinna Hairstyle Back View