Festival Costume Ideas

Here are some ideas for fun and festive costumes for festivals or parties or anytime adults want to play dress up or just be individual.

Funky Cat Costume

The above woman has blonde dreadlocks and colorful braided hair pieces. Her own locks show a choppy looking bang and some fringes at the sides of the face that have a tint of pink on the ends. The accessories that attach to her head are long and consist of colors such as black and fuchsia. On top of her head sits a headband that has cat ears and pink and black feathers. False eyelashes make a feminine statement and bright pink lipstick matches the scheme. Henna tattoos decorate her face and neck.

Check out Cleo Wolfus Designs on etsy!!!! She makes some awesome faux hair falls!!!

Cleo Wolfus Designs

Here is a small sample of her artsy handiwork:

And the following photos are random shots of folks enjoying a street fair.

So the woman above is wearing a cat painted face mask and a beaded decorative skirt over her jeans that moves along with her as she dances to the music of a street band.

The man above is wearing a jester hat as he gets his groove on.

These ladies have fun and artistic hairstyles that incorporate streaks of colors! Pigtails that are twisted around into two messy buns make a fun 'do. A bandana is used as a headband!

A large butterfly tattoo can be seen on the back of a brightly dressed flapper type girl.

The man on stilts and a sea captain's hat hands out beads.