This is cute choppy style with bleach blonde on top and brown on the underneath layer is full of edgy style. The brown shows around the bottom.

two tone prom hairstyle

The is scene hairstyle with a medium to long length in back and graduated lengths on the sides. There is a side part and bangs. This super straight look can be accomplished with the help of a flat iron. There is a star accessory added to the side for interest. She is wearing a vintage thrift store find prom dress that has a cinched up back with ribbon.

What a great look for today's urban hairstyles. This one has the perfect violet purple color and is ready for fun.

purple hair and hat

This bob has straight across bangs and a chin length. This model is wearing a black top hat that has what looks like sequins. She has black netted fingerless gloves and a choker collar necklace that is all true punk 80's fashion.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are seen here at "3 Days to Kill" Los Angeles Premiere in Hollywood on February 12th.

"3 Days to Kill" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Johnny is sporting a tilted fedora in black and grey which matches his suit and tie. He looks rather dashing with his black rimmed glasses and short mustache with slight goatee. Amber has a side swept hairstyle in beachy waves that looks free form and disheveled in true beach fashion. One side of her mane is slicked quite close to the scalp for an asymmetrical look. She has variations in color from medium brown to blonde. Her long bangs swoop up and over her forehead. She has a plunging neckline and bright red lipstick.

Rumor has it that these two are engaged and that Johnny's Valentine is rocking a rock on her finger!!!

This is a perfect vintage photo of the bride and groom in the back seat of their get away car.

1950s bride and groom

The bride has very typical 50's style hair with super short bangs. She has a pixie cut that is slightly wavy with the sides being ear length and the back being a bit longer to the collar. She is wearing it down with an ornate crown sitting on top of her head. The veil is attached to the back of it. Her dress has a scalloped collar in white lace and she has a simple pearl necklace. The young and handsome groom has his arm around his love and a mischievous grin on his face. He has tame version of a pompadour with the top being slicked up with some height. The sides are cut short for a clean cut appearance. These two look very young and are probably still in their teens. You can see a vintage car out of the back window. These two are off to the honeymoon.

Derek has an edgy haircut with choppy bangs here at "House of Cards" Season 2 Netflix TC Series Los Angeles Premiere.

Derek Cecil

This is a short clean cut style that is cut above the ears on the sides. Lots of layers help the strands fall into place for a tousled effect here. His auburn red hair is thick and full of style. The bangs are shorter on one side and longer on the other for an symmetrical appearance. He is clean shaven.