This is such a charming vintage wedding picture of a 1950's bride and groom that shows typical hairstyles and dress.



bride and groom 1950s

The gentleman is wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a small white corsage on his lapel. His tie is a black and white striped and is thin or narrow. He is sporting a flat top crew cut and black horned rimmed glasses with thick frames.

The young woman is wearing a blue princess dress that has three quarter length sleeves and a modest neckline. It was proper for a bride to wear another color other than white if it was not her first marriage. Her medium brown hair is short with bangs and lightly curled. It was typical for women in the 50's to sleep on pin curls and in the morning they could be brushed out for a soft look. She has bright red lipstick that shows off her beautiful happy smile.

They stand behind their wedding cake as they pose for this shot. The groom looks as though he is speaking to the photographer as this scene is being recorded in a still photo. The back drop includes a build in cupboard with the typical ornate wood

Here are some vintage photos straight from 1979 of a bride a groom on their wedding day.


The month is November and as one might expect, the colors are similar to those that we use to celebrate Thanksgiving. The flowers are yellow, gold, and rust. These colors were quite popular during this time period as well. The backdrop is brown and so is the grooms tux.

The bride is wearing a long sleeve white dress with a train. She has princess neckline. Her sleeves are lace. Her veil is very traditional. She has a simple updo with her bangs brushed straight back and tucked under her headpiece. Not much of her hairstyle is visible as her veil covers most of it.


The groom has a wavy hairstyle that covers his ears but is cut above the collar. His bangs are styled up off of the forehead with plenty of height and poof. His glasses are large aviator style with shaded lenses.


This photo shows a side view of a typical feathered hairstyle as a wedding guest admires the bride's ring. The sides of the hair are curled back using a curling iron held vertically. The bangs are layered and textured to lay properly.


This is a cute close up shot of the happily married couple as she show off their wedding certificate. The young 19 year old bride is looking admiringly at her new husband.


The bride and guest book girl pose for a shot as the bouquet takes center stage. It is large with white flowers and long ribbon. The young lady on the left is wearing a long maroon colored dress with spaghetti straps. There is small flower pin placed right at the front neckline. She is wearing three gold chains. The longest one has a sailboat charm. It was quite fashionable at the time for women to wear several gold chains and often there were charms as well.



This last one shows the wedding couple overlooking their church service in a double exposure shot.


This is my grandmother although I never did meet her. Clearly she was a character as she is dressed here in a grass skirt and strapless bra.


There is story behind this crazy looking costume. The era was the 1940's and her oldest son had been shipped overseas to Hawaii to help with the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. He wanted to send home a gift to his mother and something that had the true flavor of tropical island life. The skirt is gathered around her waist and flows down past her knees. She is also sporting a flower lei around her neck that comes down past her waist. A flower on the side of her hair is the perfect accessory for this outfit.

Her hair is short and bob-ish for a simple style and one that many older women of this time period wore for ease of styling.

This 42 old actress and comedian is wearing a medium length blonde hairstyle with subtle waves at the 2014 American Comedy Awards.

Amy Poehler

She has a side part and is bang-less. Sections are wound around a medium barrel curling iron and curled toward the back. Finger combing helps keep the definition of the waves. Her highlights and lowlights give depth. Her dress is black and white and sleeveless with the look of a tuxedo.

She has a disheveled side part and side swept bangs that are tucked behind one ear while the length is cut into graduated layers.

Cameron Diaz

Her blonde mane has highlights and lowlights with light brown on the underneath strands. This is a messy straggly look for this 41 year old actress who is known for her playful and fun roles in movies such as "Something About Mary." The straight and simple look here goes along with her plain grey short dress at CinemaCon 2014 – Day 4 – 20th Century Fox Presentation.

Cameron Diaz