Why not add some vintage charm to your wedding by capturing a theme from a past decade.

1970s Wedding

The colors of this wedding from 1979 are earthy tones such as brown, gold and rust. The groom is wearing a brown tux and the bride is in a full length white gown with train and traditional veil.

bride and guest book girl

Hairstyles of the 70's were feathered as we see here with the guest book girl in this photo of her posing with the bride. Dresses for the wedding party were generally full length and often they had spaghetti straps.

bride and groom 1950s

In this photo we see the classic charm of the 1950's. This bride is wearing a blue gown that is ankle length. Her hair is short and curly and she is wearing a traditional veil.

1950s bride with veil

Here is another beautiful bride from the 50's and we can see her shaped and penciled dark eyebrows that are full and prominent. Her hair is pulled back into an updo with a tiara and full but short veil. Her dress has long sleeves and a high collar and is fitted with a full skirt.

1980's Wedding

This one is from the early 1980's and both bride and groom are wearing all white. The groom has short military style hair and the bride has a full and gently curly shoulder length bob hairstyle. Her veil has a large headpiece that creates height with a long veil. Her dress has long and full sleeves and her flowers are red and white.

60's Retro Bun

If the 60's retro them is your interest then check out this style with a retro bun that sits high on top of the head. The bangs and sides are slicked back for a clean and simple appeal. Her cat eye make-up is perfect with heavy eyeliner and long false lashes. Her polka dot dress matches her nail polish which has the same theme. For help with styling on this one check out a bun former such as this one.

1950s bride and groom

This is a darling photo of a 1950s bride and groom sitting in the back seat of a car after their ceremony. The bride has classic 50's pixie haircut and a lovely crown-like tiara with veil attached. The groom has a pompadour so much like Elvis Presley who was all the rage at the time.

vintage wedding

This one is so early 1900's and is shown in this sepia photograph. The setting for this one is classic with the groom holding his top hat at his side and his bride is wearing a bonnet-like cap with veil attached. Her hair is not visible at all and perfect for anyone not wanting to worry about a trip to the salon. Her gown is three quarter length and she is wearing white stockings with slip on white shoes. The table in the background is early American with a patterned tablecloth. The gentleman has a short and slicked back style with side part.



This is the most charming picture of a young mother holding her baby daughter in the early 1950's.


She has a very classic look for this time period with her short brunette hair, red lipstick, and cat eye glasses. The top middle section of her hair is combed forward and then curled under. It is cut super short and straight across at the forehead. The sides are brushed downward into pin curls at ear level so this style is both straight and curly.

You can create this look at home by making two parts for the front section and combing that forward. Roll the bangs under and bobby pin underneath. For the sides, using a small barrel curling iron, put a few curls into the ends on dry hair.

This pretty mommy is holding her baby in her arms and the two of them have their cheeks together for a very endearing show of love.

Here is a charming hairstyle and photo straight from the 1950's showing a ten year old girl holding a baby.

Girl Holding Baby

This lovely young lady has her hair pulled back into a ponytail and her bangs are cut very short and straight across the forehead. They are deep set with a defined part in the shape of a V. They are combed straight and forward. This was very typical for this time period for girls. Her ponytail is probably placed in the middle at the back of the head. Her hair color is dark brown.

Her dress has cap sleeves and the skirt is full with applique. The room's furnishings are simple with clean lines. These two girls are sitting on the edge of the bed to pose for the picture and the crib is in the background.

This is a charming old photograph that shows us how young woman in the 40's wore their hair and clothes.


These three young ladies are posing in the front yard of this vintage picture. They are sisters and the one in the middle is holding a baby. They all have short hair that is styled in simple and traditional ways. They are wearing cropped blouses and A line skirts that hit at knee length. Their shoes have laces and they are wearing anklet socks. The one on the left is holding her hands in front of her and her one knee is bent for a feminine model-type pose.


A close up of their faces shows their wavy hairstyles and brunette color. The younger teenage gal on the left has finger waves and a side part. The length is very short and cropped at ear length. The waves follow the side of the face and in a ripple fashion. At night with wet hair it was shaped using fingers and bobby pins to get the desired effects. In the morning it was lightly brushed so an not to remove the curl. The young mother in the middle is wearing a more natural look. The one on the right has a bob that is cut just above the shoulder. Her hair is naturally wavy and one side is pulled over and pinned with a clip.


Their shoes are white and look rather worn. They are flat for comfort.

Here is a little video to help you with your styling:

This screams 80's in every way from the bi-level hair to the big pink sunglasses.


The feathered hair of the 70's was different as it was typically graduated lengths and this style here shows a shift to the "bi-level" which had short sides at ear level while the back was longer. This haircut is shoulder length with full bangs that are textured in a feathered fashion. Strong hold gel and hairspray were used to keep the strands in place.

The swimsuit top is blue and white striped and the sunglasses are pink. Pastels were common as were these shades normally associated with nursery room colors.

The sliding glass door in the background is covered with blue blinds which are horizontal and hung in two panels. This is before verticals were invented. The counter top is butcher block and the walls are plain white.


A favorite backyard pass time in the summer was to lay in the sun and read magazines. Since there were no cell phones or computers or kindles, one had to rely on publications for information.

This second photograph shows a close of of the hair where you can really see the feathered affect which is created with lots of layers.