We have a collection of photos of a bride and groom at Pike Place Market during their photo shoot as they walk through a city street in the dead of winter.

bride and groom

The bride is wearing a strapless gown as she picks up her dress to step up on the curb of a gobble stone street in the rustic farmers market. One of the photographers is holding her bouquet and watching the onlookers. The groom is walking beside her in his tux.


This is a close up shot of the bride. She has reddish brown hair pulled up into a loose updo that has a bouffant-ish hump on top. The veil is attached underneath that. She has peaches and cream skin tone. Her dress has many layers of netting around the full skirt.

bride and groom

The wedding couple is strolling down the street and enjoying their special day.

pike place market

The hustle bustle of the market is going on while the couple stops for a pow wow with their photographers. This is a classic scene of the popular street with glass store fronts and the bicycles lined up in their racks. Folks are bundled up in coats on this January day and this goes to show how when the excitement and adrenaline of a wedding day can hopefully create warmth for a crazy bride who is outside in 25 degree weather with no coat.

close up of couple

They seem to be more interested in getting from point A to point B than they are in each other. This goes to show the mood of a public outdoor wedding in a busy urban city setting.

pike place market wedding

This shot shoes the back of the bride and the onlookers who are dressed warmly as the scene takes place.

back of bride

outdoor seattle wedding

The Pike Place Market is popular spot to say "I do" and these two show us that just because it's a cold winter day, it is possible to spend this day outdoors. It certainly makes for some unique photos full of Seattle charm.

You've got to love this vintage look complete with big Afro hair and hippie fashion.

70's Afro and Hippie Fashion

Big kinky curly locks make this look a black is beautiful fashion statement. The bulk of the height is around the head with the top being not so tall and the bottom is tapered into the neck. Her sunglasses are big and round and smoky colored with metal rims. Her white frilly top is cropped length with vintage ruffled three quarter length sleeves. She has a wide belt with hip hugger jeans. Her macrame purse is what makes this outfit perfect for the 70's. It's an off white color and has long fringes that hang down and swish back and forth when she walks.

Looking back at the 1970's, we can remember the days of hippies and flower children. Thin headbands were a popular hair accessory.

Hippie Girl with Headband

This woman has long straight medium brown hair that is parted off center and she is bang-less. This is typical of this decade when a no style was preferred. It was suppose to signify a minimalist attitude and no fluff or frills. The thin headband or forehead band kept the strands from falling into the face and also was a celebration of a Native American fashion trend that was common in the previous century. This headband is a macrame pattern with seed beads and a stretchy material makes it easy to fit over the head. What a fun look for summer or possibly for one who wants a costume from the decade of the 70's. I found a fun example here to check out.

George is looking rather distinguished with his conservative haircut and salt and pepper coloring at the 64th Annual Berlinale International Film Festival – "The Monuments Men" Press Conference.

George Clooney

He has a short clean cut 'do and clean shaven face while he poses with hands laced together. He has a side part and thick wavy strands that work into place with a touch of product for styling. There is more grey around the temples and more dark influence on top. He's sporting his typical smirk.

This movie is out now and features an unlikely group of men who have the task of rescuing art from the Nazi's in WWII.

These sisters are seen together at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 – Diane von Furstenberg – Outside.

Paris and Nicky Hilton

Paris has long blonde locks with big loose curls that are styled in a side swept fashion. She has big round over sized glasses with black frames. She's carrying a Chanel black quilted handbag and the skirt of her dress is a checked pattern.

Nicky has long straight locks that are in no style with an off center part and no bangs. Her dress is multi colored.