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Heidi Klum shows an amazing resemblance to Cheryl Tiegs here at the NBC and Time Inc. Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Sports Illustrated with her long locks and full bangs.

Heidi Klum

There is no defined part and her bangs are deep set. She has plenty of layers that are cut in a graduated fashion. This provides the look of movement and helps the length fall into place. Her color is full of depth and dimension with chunks of color ranging from blonde to brown. She is wearing a red leather dress. Her skin is suntan and lets hope that she used a sunless tanning lotion to avoid wrinkles down the road.

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This is quite the unique scene here in 1950 showing what looks to be a double wedding or possibly a renewal of wedding vows.


We have two couples standing at the center dressed in long gowns that are not white and holding big bouquets of flowers. The women are next to each other and the men are at their sides and they are surrounded by a large party of ladies also holding flowers. This is staged like a wedding photo with two rows of folks and some are standing in the rear while those in the front are sitting. Their ages vary from about 20's to 50's. The gals are sporting typical hairdos of this decade with most being short and curled. Early in the 50's the styles were still usually following the trends from the 1940's which showcased Victory Rolls and cascading curls.

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Gayle is sporting a straight bob at the Shape & Men's Fitness 2014 Super Bowl Party in New York City!

Gayle King

Well she has a full bang here and smooth tresses in this no non nonsense look. She has a long and narrow face so the horizontal line of her fringe helps to make the face appear wider. Her glasses are a nice narrow rectangular shape in black with a tint of green on the corners. She looks quite warm in her faux fur coat.

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Alyssa is sporting an updo with chunky highlights as she struts her stuff at the Modell's Super Bowl Kick Off Party.

Alyssa Milano

Her chunky blonde highlights show up quite well against her medium brunette hair color. She has some height on top with a bit of teasing on the underneath layers to add lift.

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Cyndi has always been known for her outrageous hair and this style is certainly no disappointment.

cyndi lauper

Her hair color is a pinkish orange and very bright and one tone. The length is thin and stringy and set in finger waves. The top is piled up in a big curly ball that is completely disheveled. Her lipstick matches her tresses. Her dress is very vintage and Victorian and quite interesting with the color being a brown drab and the neckline looks like gold beads here at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. Her arms are not in the sleeves, or perhaps that is some sort of cape but it looks very odd.

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