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If you are looking for a vintage inspired updo for your formal event, school dance, or wedding then by all means see what Amber has going on here.

Amber Heard

This one was shot at "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations" Costume Institute Gala and this model and actress has chosen to pull the length up in a manner that helps her style look as though it's short as in faux. The sides are pinned back and the ends are tucked under. Her strapless dress and jewelry are consistent with 1950's glamor. The bangs are swept up and over in a wave. Her lipstick is bright red. Her dark roots show up along her side part as the main color is blonde.

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This edgy updo looks like a slicked back crop haircut from the front but when you look at the side view you can see how the long length is brought up and secured in the back.

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Sometimes simple is the answer to a perplexing question such as: how should I style my bridal ponytail?

Bridal Ponytail

This super easy updo that you can do yourself, is just as easy as an everyday hairdo. The strands are pulled back and the gathered in the middle of the back of the head. A section of hair is used to wind around the ponytail and act as a tie or embellishment that adds more interest and fun. She has left out some fringe or bang in the front that has been straightened with a flat iron. This brunette bride has chosen no veil and her dress has very thin spaghetti straps. She is sitting and leaning forward with her hands crossed so that you can see the top of this style very easily. The length is medium but the same can be done with longer or shorter locks.

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This is a darling updo that showcases defined pin curls that are randomly placed all around the back portion.

Pin Curled Updo

Sections are twisted up every which way and held into place with tiny hair clips. This is perfect for a woman looking for something a little messy but not too much so. Anyone looking for a fun way to wear their up might find this one intriguing. It would be attractive for most body types. This model has medium brown locks with some honey highlights mixed in here and there.

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The bride and bridesmaid (maid of honor) are celebrating with champagne while sporting complimentary hairstyles!

Bride and Bridesmaid

The bride is wearing a vintage inspired wavy partial updo that is full of style. Her blonde shade with highlights and lowlights show off the length in back while the sides are pulled up on the sides and secured. The bangs are curled and swooped over to one side. She is wearing jeweled drop earrings. The bridesmaid is blonde as well and her locks are pulled up into a full updo with just a few fringes left around her face. The back has rings of curls. The bridal gown has a fitted white lace bodice and and a tiered ballerina type skirt that is full length. Her bff is wearing a royal blue halter dress. Both have chosen pink for their lipstick.

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