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If you are looking for a hairstyle that is worn down and beautiful enough for a bride, then check out this one that is just past shoulder length.

Beautiful Brunette Bride

The part is short and on the side with the back portion being lifted up in a bouffant-like fashion but is not too much. A bit of back combing underneath helps to create this lift and then smoothing over of the top layer tames it. Loose spirals give the appearance of waves that are always romantic in nature and perfect for that special day. Most of the bulk is on the upper half while the sides are a touch thinner so as not to appear bushy. Layers cut into the hair help with that. A group of lovely white flowers are placed on one side above the ear. There is no veil with this look and perfect when it is not a first time marriage. Her shoulders are bare with a strapless dress. This one would be nice for a small or large framed woman.

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This updo is pretty and it uses twists to bring the front sections around to the back where they act to hold the back fringe that dangles down the neck like a partial updo.

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This is a must see for any woman looking for an elegant bridal bun that is creative and beautiful.

Beautiful Bridal Bun

Back combing of the underneath layers helps to create the necessary height that is understated and conservative. The smooth bun is placed at the back of the head with an uneven braid that winds around it. Sections from the front are brought to the rear and secured under the bun. Small white flowers are strategically placed in the braid. Her medium brown color is enriched with warm tones that catch the light. Hairspray and pomade would help to keep the strands in place. This bride is wearing simple diamond stud earrings. There is no veil here but she has netted fabric that acts as a cover up.

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What a lovely bridal hairstyle that incorporates a thin tiara that is placed around the top to showcase an updo with formed curls.

Bridal Curly Updo

This brunette bride has a straight long mane but if one had short locks, a hair piece could be used to gain the length necessary for this style. Starting with unwashed strands makes it easier to keep the pieces in place and helps to stave off fly aways. A ponytail is placed high on the crown and then sections are wound around to form loops and then secured with bobby pins. A veil is placed at the base of the head dress in the back and it flows down over her arms and back. She is wearing a strapless white gown and sitting on the floor for this photo.

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What a darling little girl updo this is. It would be a perfect choice for flower girl or any other special occasion.

Little Girl

This tot is wearing a head full of curls and has naturally curly locks. The back is brought up and pinned at the crown to create height here. The sides dangle down as they may for a fun tousled look.

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