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Many pictures from the 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s to help with your search for vintage hairstyles and other helpful information from that time period.

This is a super chic and sassy looking bob with waves and short bangs to spice things up a bit.

1930s Marcel Wave

The finger waves are perfect for this 'do. There is a side part that does not go all the way back but rather the strands on the crown are lifted with a little back combing and directed toward the back. The bangs are fringy and very short and also brushed up and over.

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This is such a charming and typical hairstyle worn by women during the decade of the 1940's.

1940's woman

This gal has short dark hair with a deep side part and super short bangs that are rolled under and cut fairly straight across. The fullness is concentrated on the sides rather than the top which is pretty flat. Rollers placed at night in rows helped to create a style such as this. Women typically slept with those hard and uncomfortable accessories in an effort to look glamorous and feminine. This photo was taken around the WWII era and is in black and white. The setting is in the bathroom with a retro sink.

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What a lovely vintage inspired hairstyle that would be perfect for so many occasions.

Vintage Side Ponytail

She has very defined and deliberate waves that are created using hair products that will keep the strands together and in curled position. The bangs are brought back from the forehead and lifted a bit into shape for some height. The mane is pulled into a ponytail at the back of the neck and the length cascades over one shoulder in a side swept fashion. The way this one is curled is almost reminiscent of pin curls but these are much bigger and twisted in various directs for an edgy appeal. She is wearing long dangle jeweled earrings and strapless white gown.

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This is a great example of how you can get a 1920's faux wavy bob even when you have long hair!!!

Amy Adams

She has a side part with one side slicked back close to the scalp. The other has the bangs pulled over and then waves are created like a Marcel Wave. A crimper could be used here or a flat iron would work as well. The back is pulled up into an updo and the side with the bob-look has some creative placement and strategic planning.

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How about an updo hairstyle that is tall and full of edgy style?

Amber Heard

This one has the bangs pushed straight up and swooped back into a style that resembles a man's popular style from the 50's. This photo was taken at The Art of Elysium 6th Annual "Heaven" Gala Black Tie Charity Gala.

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