scene hairstyles

This is cute choppy style with bleach blonde on top and brown on the underneath layer is full of edgy style. The brown shows around the bottom.

two tone prom hairstyle

The is scene hairstyle with a medium to long length in back and graduated lengths on the sides. There is a side part and bangs. This super straight look can be accomplished with the help of a flat iron. There is a star accessory added to the side for interest. She is wearing a vintage thrift store find prom dress that has a cinched up back with ribbon.

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If you ever travel to Seattle you will get an eye full of colorful people!

Sweatshirts, skinny jeans, and skateboards tell the story. Wearing the hood up on the sweatshirt is part of the scene whether or not the weather warrants it. This day is on the chilly side at about 38 degrees. One hand in the pocket and one holding the cig. The bottom of the skateboard is full of artwork and sits up for all to see.

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This bleach blond 'do is has an 80's edgy tone to it with sharp lines and a trendy pink streak on one side.

Trendy Bob

This one has a super choppy look with lots of layers. Super straight strands are made stiff with pomade and a flat iron.  The ends are blunt. The side is combed forward toward the face. The length is ear level.

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Scene hair is popular with the young folks but who says you can't be a scene kid even if you are an adult!

[mc src="" type="youtube"]How to Style Scene Hair[/mc]

This YouTube might be able to help with styling tips to get that look. The style is short with long side swept bangs and volume on top.

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Now this is a Mohawk. The sides are cut short and the top is very tall (long).

Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel

Jet black hair is styled pure rocker style with some bangs directed downward over the forehead. Here is a front and side view to help with your styling.

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