red hairstyles

Here's an example of how to make long hair look short with an updo hairstyle and here is a nice option by Darby Stanchfield.

Darby Stanchfield

She has a lovely auburn red hair color that looks nice against her pale skin tone and Kelly green dress here at the 45th Annual NAACP Image Awards.

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If you are looking for an orange hairstyle with long bangs that are shaped around the eyes with graduated layers that frame the face, then take a look here.

Carly Rae Jepsen

The shade of her locks is carrot orange! It's bright and spicy like cayenne pepper. If you want to look like a hot tamale, color your hair for sizzle. Think outside the box for the perfect shade. This one has variations with lighter and darker strands which helps give depth. There is no part for a tousled look. The length is down past the shoulders and the sides are not straight but they are not curly either. They have an air dried appeal or after swimming edge.

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Anna sports a no part hairstyle very well here at "ParaNorman" Los Angeles Premiere.

Anna Kendrick

Her locks are brushed back from the forehead in a manner that looks very tousled. This is a bang-less style and slightly wavy too. The ends brush the shoulders and come down over just a tad. The waves look soft and feminine as does her pink dress.

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This photo comes straight from the 60's. Looks to be about 1967 to 1970 and has a great example of a red head wearing a classic bouffant.

1960s Red Bouffant

Her color is carrot red and matches the couch that this man and woman are sitting on. Notice the 45 records sitting on the table behind them. Back then record players came in a suitcase looking box. She is holding a gift that looks like it was hidden inside that cowboy boot. Her royal blue blouse has a round neck and her white pearl necklace stands out. Her A line skirt was stylish for the time period. Many women either used dippity do or sugar water to get a firm hold for this poofy look.

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