pixie cuts

This picture is a nice example of a snapshot taken of a mother and teenage daughter in the mid 1950's.

Mom and Daughter

The girl is sitting on a stool in the kitchen of their home while her mother is standing next to her with her arm around her neck. The kitchen counter looks a little art deco-ish with square lines and simple detail.

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This seven year old grade school girl from the 1950's has a charming pixie cut with Bettie Page bangs.

1950s Girl

This young gal has naturally wavy and thick hair. The length is short and hits just below the ears. Her bangs are so neatly and perfectly cut into an arch, that one would realize that she obviously went to visit the hairdresser to get them shaped. After all, this was a time when many moms did the trimming at home. The sides are curled under but kind of have a mind of their own. She is wearing an eyelet dress that has puff sleeves.

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Now here are some bangs to copy. These have a definite edgy style that is sure to get some attention.

Alex Lombard

Her fringe is feather cut in such a way that the ends have a serrated look to them. There is a slight side part that is barely noticeable. The strands are thinned out to help them to lay flat and look manicured. The sides are cut short above the ears and there are short side burns that make this a bit of a man cut. The back section has some ruffles and twists going on to bring back a feminine appeal.

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This one has a kind of boyish appeal with a no part and bangs that comb straight forward in a bit of a tousled fashion.

Michelle Williams

She has golden blonde color that is light and bright. The sides are cut above the ears and it is cropped close to the head. The top on the other hand is tad longer and fuller. A super cute and easy haircut. Michelle is seen here at "Take This Waltz" New York City Screening.

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