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Andrew Adamson

Photograph by PR Photos

If you are a guy looking for a hairstyle for fine hair and you like to wear it a bit on the long side, then you need to see Andrew Adamson with his straight style that comes down on the sides just to the bottom of his ears and then the back is long down to the collar. He has blonde locks that brush back and a side part with ear-length bangs. This picture of Andrew was taken at "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" Rome Photocall.

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Photograph by PR Photos / PRN

If you are looking for a new men's hairstyle that is on the bleeding edge of trendy, then you must check out Carey Hart with this two tone coloring and retro long bang style. Hair is cut above the ears and is short in the back, but the bangs are full and brushed forward and then over in a side swept fashion. The front area is very dark brown almost black with just a few hints of light brown with thin streaks and the back is colored light. This is a new approach to highlights and is a perfect look for one who likes to express himself in a creative way and take risks in life and profession as does this 33 year old motocross free-stylist. This picture of Carey was taken at his Private Birthday Party at Wasted Space Club in Las Vegas on July 16th 2008. His big day is actually the 17th.

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Photograph by PR Photos / Mark Dye

If you are looking for the latest in men's hairstyles and like to be hip and with it, you might want to check out the rock band look by OneRepublic. These band members all have an edgy look of their own with haircuts ranging from short to long. We can see lots of texture and wave here with four of the guys wearing their locks cut above the ear with top being left longer and fuller. One dude likes to stand out in the crowd with long and kinky curly. There is something for everybody here. You can get a few ideas on modern fashion here as well. This picture of them was taken at ABC's Good Morning America Summer Concert Series on July 11th 2008.

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If you have naturally curly hair, consider letting your locks do their natural thing and sport a retro Afro for fun. This 70s inspired fashion statement is back in vogue, so why not go for it. This guy has some facial hair including a bit of a goatee to top off his look. Back in the day, men and women of all races opted for this easy care hair.

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Here's a modern teen boy's hairstyle with a hint or two of retro. The bangs are long, heavy, and brushed to one side which is reminiscent of the 60's. The sides are cut at about mid ear while the back is longer but not down to the collar and this is considered a bi-level which is from the 80's. The textured look makes this haircut new and up to date.

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