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Photograph by PR Photos / David Gabber

If you like randomly spiked men's hairstyles, then you must see Chad Michael Murray who looks sexy here with his disheveled hair and scruffy facial hair. This young man is a former fashion model, teen idol, and actor. He is one to watch for trends and this look is one of those that is always cool.

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Photograph by PR Photos / Chris Hatcher

This guy is hot and he does not have some fancy hairstyle, Gunner Wright sports a simple very short haircut that looks very handsome on him. He is clean shaven but has the slightest appearance of stubble that gives him that bad boy look that women love. His sandy blonde locks go nicely with his hazel eyes. This picture of Gunner was taken at LA Fashion Corner 2008 Quarterly Fashion Show on July 2. He himself is wearing a stylish motorcycle jacket and black tee shirt to keep it simple. If you don't know this gentleman, he raced motorcycles until age 21 and then has invited to work on Fox's Fastlane.

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Photograph by PR Photos / Janet Mayer

Steven Tyler with his long wavy rocker funk 'do is a great example of what 80s hair band is all about. If you are old enough to remember watching MTV back then and seeing Aerosmith with their popular videos such as "Dude Looks Like a Lady," then you know that this man has not changed much in the past 20 years. He still wears his locks in big hair fashion. His latest trend seems to be adding feathers of different colors as ornaments to dangle amongst the bed head strands. He actually has a suit jacket on here which is quite the contrast to his spandex from decades past. His skull necklace is probably made of platinum or white gold and is a cool idea for a gift of jewelry for the man in your life (providing he is the old school rocker type).

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Photograph by PR Photos / Janet Mayer

Chris Martin of Cold Play performed on NBC's Concert Series ( Today Show ) on Friday June 27th 2008. He is sporting naturally wavy hair that is worn a bit longer in the back. The sides are short and brushed back. This has a hint of 80s nostalgia to it. His jacket has colorful material of different types wrapped around one sleeve and bracelets of several colors wrap around the wrists.

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There is a strong 60's influence here with this young man's hairstyle. It features a full bang that is combed forward and over to one side. There are layers in graduated lengths on the side and they come down to about mid ear. He has a touch of wave to his strands that add just a bit of a bed head look which is popular right now.

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