layered hairstyles

Popular layered hairstyles can be found here in many different lengths. We have photos to help you choose your style with helpful tips.

This is a nice soft looking style for a more mature woman that has fringy bangs and a short length.

Frances Fisher

Lots of layers give this bob the look of movement and it frames the face nicely. They also provide lift and bulk around the sides so the hair doesn't just fall flat against the head. Angling the shears vertically while cutting the bangs gives a textured and choppy look. She has no part for a boyish appeal. The shade of red is light and bright and perfect with her ice blue eyes. She has peach colored lipstick. Frances is a 61 year old English American actress known for movies such as Unforgiven.

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Heidi Klum shows an amazing resemblance to Cheryl Tiegs here at the NBC and Time Inc. Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Sports Illustrated with her long locks and full bangs.

Heidi Klum

There is no defined part and her bangs are deep set. She has plenty of layers that are cut in a graduated fashion. This provides the look of movement and helps the length fall into place. Her color is full of depth and dimension with chunks of color ranging from blonde to brown. She is wearing a red leather dress. Her skin is suntan and lets hope that she used a sunless tanning lotion to avoid wrinkles down the road.

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Lisa Rinna is well known for her shag hairstyles and they may vary from big and poofy to a more understated and updated version like this one.

Lisa Rinna

It's short and choppy with tons of layers to give the lift necessary for the shag. The bangs are textured and piecey for an imperfect look. The sides hit just below the ears while the back is longer down to the collar. She has a medium brunette shade with warmer tones mixed in. Her skin is olive and tan and her eyes are dark brown.

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This is a darling short style that is a cross between a crop and a bob. The sides are tucked behind the ears while the back is cut up off of the collar.

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Anna Gunn with blonde layers and a medium to long length hairstyle at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Anna Gunn

She has an off center part and long bangs that come down to chin level. They are twisted up and over the forehead into a wave that incorporates into the rest of the style. Super loose spirals make for a wavy effect. Her suntan skin and golden tresses look perfect for summer.

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