kids hairstyles

We have pictures of boys and girls hairstyles along with some helpful how to tips.

Some fun hairstyle trends for boys and girls began to surface in the 1950's!!!!

brothers and sister

This is a darling photo of two brothers posing for a portrait with their younger sister who is sitting in between them.

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This seven year old grade school girl from the 1950's has a charming pixie cut with Bettie Page bangs.

1950s Girl

This young gal has naturally wavy and thick hair. The length is short and hits just below the ears. Her bangs are so neatly and perfectly cut into an arch, that one would realize that she obviously went to visit the hairdresser to get them shaped. After all, this was a time when many moms did the trimming at home. The sides are curled under but kind of have a mind of their own. She is wearing an eyelet dress that has puff sleeves.

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It's so fun to look at these old photographs. It looks like a brother and sister are standing outside in front of a forest posing for this shot.

1940's Kids

The girl is wearing tattered clothes. These are probably considered play clothes. Her jeans have holes at the knees. She has a simple ponytail to make playing easier and her bangs are chopped straight across and no doubt her mom cut her hair. The sides of her locks are sticking straight out which matches her messy look. Her coat is buttoned with the buttons going into the wrong holes. Did you ever do that as a kid?

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These sisters are all dressed up for Easter and wearing their Sunday best as they pose on the porch of their house.

1930's Girls

These little girls are wearing bob hairstyles. The oldest one has a middle part and each side is pulled up into a braid that turns her style into a partial updo. The back is left down and just short of shoulder length. The bottom is loosely curled. The middle sister has straight hair that is cut into a short bob. The top is pulled back and few bangs remain. They are cut short. She is wearing a bonnet. The littlest girl is wearing a fashion hat. She has a cute coat that has pleats and fabric covered buttons. The other two are wearing Easter dresses and Mary Janes. One has anklets and the one has knee socks.

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This picture is so adorable and funny at the same time and shows a typical look for a young boy growing up in the 60's.

1960's Boy

He is complete with his Dennis the Menace haircut. The sides are cut short above the ears and the top is longer and combed forward into long choppy bangs that are completely disheveled. He looks like a little trouble maker with cowboy boots and his straight legged pants don't quite make enough room for those boots. One leg is pushed up for a charmingly childish look. Who has time to worry about how one looks when they are trolling for mischief? His jeans and sweatshirt are light colored and his dark belt isn't quite tucked into a loop.

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