Homecoming hairstyles

If you are looking for hairstyles for Homecoming, take a look at what we have for you.

Looking for an idea that has a touch of goofy and shows a way to match each other:

matching couple

matching couple

The girl is wearing a yellow strapless dress and her date is wearing a white shirt and bright royal blue tie. She has a short layered cut and is wearing a matching blue hair accessory. The dude has short mohawk and is wearing trendy glasses. They look a bit funny and nerdy with the "omg-am-I-really-with-you" look.

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Hayden Panettiere with Sexy Updo

Photograph by PR Photos / Albert L. Ortega

Hayden Panettiere is looking all grown up with this classy yet sexy updo that shouts formal yet fun. She looks very poised and mature here black and sequins as she poses for a photo at Declare Yourself's "Domino Effect" Hollywood Party at The Green Door on September 24th. This would be a great look for any special or evening event and is nothing more than a knot that is assembled low at the back of the neck with chin length bangs that are parted in the middle and left out to be curled into relaxed spirals that frame the face.

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Lauren Conrad with loose weave updo

Photograph by PR Photos / Bob Charlotte

Lauren Conrad is sporting a loose weave updo that would look cute for many occasions. A large crochet hook hair tool may be helpful here. The different shades of highlights along with the strands twisting in and out this hairdo shows a great deal of dimension.

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Carrie Underwood with long partial updo

Photograph PR Photos / Albert L. Ortega

A well know country singer who has enviable hair is seen here wearing a lovely halter dress and partial updo with long straight locks that brush over the shoulder and adorn the front of the outfit. Carrie Underwood happens to be the young lady and she is one to watch for classy style. Sometimes a simple hairdo is desirable and this one looks fabulous. The bangs are side swept and the sides are pulled back and secured to show of the beautiful facial features.

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Amber Heard with Retro Inspired 80s Big Hair Side Swept Ponytail

Photograph by PR Photos / PRN

If you love to keep up with cutting edge styles and edgy with a touch of retro, then Amber Heard is one to watch for what is new to come. She is sporting a messy and disheveled 80's big hair look here with a side swept ponytail. Her locks are less than perfect looking, have a matte finish, and are back combed for that big umph. What a fun look for a party as this is a hot new look for fall.

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