Halloween hair ideas

Looking for Halloween hair ideas to go along with your costume? We have some great ones.

This is a perfect look for the female looking for a fun and nerdy theme that showcases the retro colored telephone as a prop.

Redhead women with green telephone.

Back in the day it was cool to have a side part and pigtails just made it that much better. This model is wearing thick black framed glasses that give her the studious nerd persona. She does not have a ton of hair so this is just right for those with fine locks. The top portion is smooth and straight and the ponies are loosely curled. The phone is chartreuse and has the dial that gave the fingers a good workout.

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If you are looking for something a little bit mysterious and lacy for the face along with a sleek and smooth maroon hairstyle, then look no further.

Red and Lacey

This style is super straight and full of rich color in a shade that is somewhat unusual. It is a cross between red, maroon, and pink and it's uniform throughout. With a middle part that is not distinct, the two sides split apart to frame the face. Graduated lengths start at chin level and look a bit choppy. The length is just past the shoulders.

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Hey if you desire to get a look that is beyond edgy with a seashell theme, then you must take a gander at Lady Gaga and her get up as she was sighted leaving the Langham Hotel in Central London on August 28, 2013.

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If you are looking for a vintage flapper look for Halloween or any other costume party, check out Nicole Trunfio at Let's Misbehave to Benefit Love Heals with her perfect version.

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British fashion designer Punk Kouture is sporting an outrageously edgy Indian costume here at MPTF Hollywood Halloween Party at Willow Studios on October 13th.

Punk Kouture

His grey hair is cut close to the scalp and face make up adds a long side burn as well as colorful markings on his chin and elsewhere. His head dress is made up of feathers in colors ranging from white to brown to red. An elaborate animal skin coat is made up of colored fur with feathers hanging in every nook and cranny. Paint splattered skinny jeans are tucked into red boots.

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