Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Check out this bob haircut that is made for fine hair. It has full bangs that are cut into an arch shape that has graduated layers along the outside of her face that help to frame it.

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Boyd Holbrook is an American model, actor, and artist who plays William "Cap" Hatfield in the mini series Hatfields & McCoys.

Boyd Holbrook

He has dishwater blonde hair that is cut short on the sides and slicked back with product such as pomade to give the strands a "wet look." The back is longer down to the collar. The top is bit tousled for a rough and tumble appeal. He has facial scruff in the form of a mustache and almost beard. This shot comes from The History Channel's Special Screening of "Hatfields & McCoys" Los Angeles Premiere.

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Men looking for some hairstyle options for fine hair might find these examples to be helpful in the quest for the perfect individual style.

Jilon VanOver

Above is Jilon VanOver who plays Ransom Bray on the three part mini series Hatfields & McCoys. He has fine blonde hair that he is wearing somewhat long and slicked back on the top and sides and the back is cut longer to collar length. The strands from the back flip out so they can be seen from the front and this helps to give some dimension to otherwise flat and thin hair as well. He has an unshaven face that makes for a bad boy appeal.

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This young woman is posing for a promotional shot behind the film counter. This is an actual vintage photo from circa 1953.

Woman at Work

She has short bangs that have been pin curled into place. The sides are curled toward the back and bobby pinned into place above the ear. She has a side part and medium brown hair that is cut short in the back. Women of this era usually did their styling at night with wet hair and then in the morning combed it into place. This gal has very fine hair which meant that keeping it short helped to prevent it from looking too thin.

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Dakota is sporting some sort of multi band headband that drapes on top of her head like a crown. There are three thin bands that hang down toward her forehead while one arcs across the top.

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