Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Carol Burnett attended the 51st Annual ICG Publicists Awards in Beverly Hills, CA on Feb 28th 2014 wearing her signature bob hairstyle.

Carol Burnette

She has auburn red and fine hair that is cut in a layered manner that feathers at the sides. The length hits just below the ears. She has bangs and a side part. Here she is wearing gold rim tinted glasses. This is a cute style for older more mature ladies like her or for anyone looking for an easy no nonsense style.

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Here's great example of a style that works when you have fine and thin hair.

Sarah Paulson

She has a side part and no bangs as they are the same length as the rest of this hairstyle which is chin length. She has one side tucked behind her ears. The color is blonde and the roots are showing darker. This photo was taken at the 66th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards.

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Cate has fine straight hair that is cut in layers to create a short and sassy crop hairstyle here at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Cate Blanchett

Her golden blonde color shines in the light and the roots are showing a bit darker. The bangs sweep to the side from a side part an brush over one eye. The layers allow for a bit of a feathered look on the sides as the strands are brushed toward the back. This also creates an impression of movement and softness. The length is just at the bottom of the ears.

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Anna is sporting a short bob that is perfect for someone with straight fine hair.

Anna Gunn

Her hair is parted on the side and her bangs are the same length as the rest of her style which is about ear level. Her color is blonde with highlights and lowlights. Strong hold hairspray holds everything in place and keeps the bangs from falling forward. It can be difficult for women with thin hair to find a good style and this one is certainly worth consideration. She has a long and fairly narrow face so the length of her style brings the eye out horizontally while one looks at her.

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Here's a style wave for ya if you want something a little edgy with a twist of 80's with currently trendy.

grunge rocker

Let's start with the hairdo which is pulled back into a single braid that sits at the top of the crown. It sits high on the head and dangles down the back like a ponytail. All strands are pulled straight back for a slicked back appearance. The braid itself is narrow rather than bushy. You can tell this model has relatively fine hair and the end of the braid is quite thin.

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